PIP Christmas bonus 2020: How do you get the extra £10? | Personal Finance | Finance

Personal Independence payment is one of the 19 benefits that qualify you for a bonus at Christmas from the government. Christmas is expensive enough as it is without needing to pay for extra care and assistance due to a disability or health concern. What is this bonus, and how do you get it?

The Christmas Bonus is a tax-free payment of £10 from the government.

It is paid to people who get specific benefits in the qualifying week, which is normally the first week of December.

The bonus doesn’t affect any other benefits you’re getting that are not on the list of qualifying benefits.

This means, for example, the extra £10 won’t increase your income during an assessment for a benefit like Universal Credit.

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How do you get the extra £10?

The £10 bonus will be paid into your account automatically, normally in the first week of December.

You don’t need to go out of your way to apply for the Christmas bonus.

It will be transferred into the bank account your benefits are normally paid to.

The payment should show up on your bank statement as ‘DWP XB’.

If you think you were entitled to the bonus but didn’t get it, you should contact the Jobcentre Plus office or pension centre that deals with your payments.